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The Last Of Us. 200+ GOTY Awards doesn’t Argue


Name: The Last Of Us

Date Of Release: 14/06/2013

Age Rating: 18+

Publisher: Naughty Dog

Platform: PS3

So where do i start? The objective of the game is simple, survive. You have numerous objectives along the way but in general you’re in a world of chaos where survival is the key to living,…

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Es posible que algunas cosas cambien tanto en solo 10 minutos..

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You know drill not like anyone does kik gorillakiller92


fat people don’t have to justify why they’re fat. the body is not an apology, and I’m not sorry.

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Anyone for snapchat? Looking at me increases your confidence of how you look 😂

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I can tell from how I feel, I ain’t gonna get enough sleep for work tomorrow I feel terrible

Because of kik updating it’s stop me from talking to thesoulessoneposts

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