Did I Ever Tell You The definition of insanity?

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i'm watching you....

I feel extremely shit, my head just feels a mess but gotta keep a straight face right?


txt: dad I went on your laptop and when I was on the internet, naughty websites kept popping up! So I clicked on the video and it was two people having sex, but i enjoyed it daddy! Can we please have sex? I want to try it, the woman on the video was loving it so it must be really nice, please daddy?xx

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Fuck I’ve forgot my keys, locked out it is then

Thats the best I can do with my face anon Hense why I don’t bother ;p

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Trim that beard and style your hair, you could look so much better dude
gorilla-killer gorilla-killer Said:

My hair is unless and I don’t care about it in the slightest, my beard on the other hand gets women if I trim it, it may destroy it so meh doubt I’ll do either



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this is now my favorite photoset in the entire world.

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your sheep looks concerned

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All i need is someone to fool around with and I’ll be more than happy

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We can keep talking like this c:
gorilla-killer gorilla-killer Said:

ahh no come at least give me some clues or something you will drive me mad